Maintaining a healthy diet during pregnancy

It is highly recommended for pregnant women to have three to four serves of protein daily during the pregnancy.  As part of the protein intake the recommendation is to have two to three serves of fish per week.  This is beneficial as it provides Omega 3 free fatty acids.

A recent placebo controlled randomised trial of supplementation of pregnant women in their third trimester with fish oil 2.4grams daily was completed.  This trial has shown that this resulted in a 7% reduction in risk of persistent ways or asthma in the children followed to age 3 to 5 years.  This study did have limitations in the design of the trial, however it does once again reiterates the benefits of having fish included in your pregnancy.  It is recommended to include fish in your diet twice a week or taking a pregnancy multivitamin with Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) intake of at least 200-300mg per day.