IVF & Infertility Services

infertility north brisbaneInfertility is something that no one chooses to experience and it brings with it a host of questions and concerns  for most couples.

At Brisbane North Obstetrics & Gynaecology, we offer a supportive, encouraging environment for couples facing infertility issues. Our practice doctors bring decades of combined experience to help support you and your pregnancy goals.

There are a range of conditions that can prevent conception and sometimes, the underlying cause may be simple to identify and correct. In other cases however, more comprehensive testing and treatment may be involved.

Our IVF & Infertility Services

Our doctors take great care to perform careful and detailed workups including blood tests, semen analysis and where necessary, tests of tubal patency. We listen and tailor our treatments to your individual circumstances and keep you fully informed of costs and likely success rates.

With the backup experience of the Queensland Fertility Group, women can access the most up to date and effective scientific services, including Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis and advanced embryo culture and selection. For those with special circumstances, donor sperm, eggs and embryos are available. Counselling and psychologists are available to guide you through the journey.

Our doctors have enjoyed great success over many years, resulting in countless births to couples who thought their precious baby would never become a reality.

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