Obstetrician Options for Brisbane Residents

female obstetrician brisbaneOur obstetric services provide care for you and your baby pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, childbirth and post-pregnancy. Whether it’s your first or sixth baby – pregnancy is a time of tremendous excitement as well as anticipation, uncertainty and, at times, concern.

As a patient of Brisbane North Obstetrics & Gynaecology, you can rely on our expert care at all times and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are in exceptionally capable hands.

Find an experienced doctor

Each of our doctors bring their thorough specialist knowledge and experience to care for you and your baby. Our doctors each have extensive experience treating patients across the full spectrum of pregnancies — from the completely normal through to high risk pregnancies. Every doctor in our team in Brisbane North pride themselves on assuring the comfort and ease of their patients. For those who would like a female obstetrician, we are more than able to accommodate your needs.

Located in Everton Park

Finding an obstetrician in Everton Park has never been easier with our staff being located within close proximity of the North West Hospital.

Female health solutions with your obstetrician

Focussing on a range of female issues from pre-pregnancy assessments to labour induction and post-natal care, our experienced staff will provide comprehensive care to every patient.


Family planning does not have to be complex and stressful. We can help not only our female patients but also their partners to prepare for the healthiest pregnancy and avoid, understand or manage any risk factors.

  • Screening, assessment and counselling
  • Planned health optimisation prior to conception (supplements, exercise, physical fitness)
  • Pre-pregnancy health assessments
  • Recurrent miscarriage counselling
  • History of previous high risk or complicated pregnancy

Brisbane North ObstetriciansPregnancy

From the moment you first confirm that you are pregnant, we will be there to provide proactive care and support for your health and that of your baby (or babies).

  • Low to high risk pregnancies
  • Multiple pregnancies
  • Monitoring and management of pre-existing medical conditions
  • Caesarean births
  • Vaginal births following prior Caesarean delivery (VBAC)
  • Regular visits to monitor foetal growth and identify any potential complications


At Brisbane North Obstetrics & Gynaecology, we believe that you should feel empowered by and comfortable with your childbirth options. Your pregnancy and your delivery will be as unique as you are. We also know that each of your own pregnancies and deliveries will be different. Our role is to provide you with expert obstetric care, while supporting your choices.

  • Vaginal delivery following spontaneous labour commencement
  • Caesarean delivery, elective or emergency
  • Induction of labour
  • Multiple birth delivery

obstetrics north brisbanePost-pregnancy

Following delivery, we will continue to look after your health and well-being with post-natal checks while in hospital and at the 6-week point.

  • Post-natal pap smear if required
  • Contraception consultation
  • General post-natal check-up

We at Brisbane North Obstetrics & Gynaecology are here to support you through the various stages of pregnancy. Whether you are planning to fall pregnant soon, or you are already pregnant and looking to connect with a caring obstetrician, we look forward to meeting you in our Everton Park location.

Looking for a caring Brisbane North obstetrician? Contact Us today.