Dr John Howland

JohnSpecialty: Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Ultrasound.

Dr Howland is a highly experienced and exceptionally competent doctor who strives to do his best for all patients. He is caring and supportive, listens to patients and is careful to provide explanations and advice so that patients can fully understand. He applies a holistic approach and treats the whole patient rather than just the initial problem behind the referral.

Following his basic and specialist training in Adelaide and hospitals in England and Wales, Dr Howland set up services at the West Middlesex University Hospital in London offering day surgery, colposcopy and microsurgery and established modern surgery for urinary incontinence there.

Dr Howland has completed numerous courses since becoming a specialist consultant, in advanced laparoscopic and hystersocopic surgery including laser use, surgery on bowels and vascular surgery, new techniques for incontinence and vaginal surgery and courses in advanced ultrasound techniques in obstetrics and gynaecology. He continues to attend advanced training courses and master new techniques as they evolve.

To this day, Dr Howland considers it a privilege and an honour to welcome new babies into the world and to care for patients. A ‘gentle soul’, his dry sense of humour is one of his many virtues.

Special interests: All obstetrics including complex cases with an evolving interest in the new uses of probiotics. All gynaecology, especially prolapse prevention and treatment.

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